Libra Information Services Co-op

Libra is a team of professional library and knowledge management specialists who help organizations add value to their knowledge assets. Our comprehensive suite of services covers the complete knowledge cycle from research and analysis to design and system creation, operations management and evaluation. Our range is deep as well as broad - we work with all levels of organizational knowledge, the tacit, the explicit and the cultural – and we have worked with private, public and not-for-profit clients.


Together We're Bitter Co-operative Brewing, Kitchener-Waterloo, ON

Together We're Bitter Co-op Brewpub operates to provide the community of Kitchener-Waterloo with quality, hand-crafted beer alongside locally sourced gastropub fare in a relaxed social space. 

THAAT Co-op; (“The Hammer Active Alternative Transportation Co-operative Inc.”).

The Hammer Active Alternative Transportation Co-operative Inc. (THAAT Co-op) is a Hamilton, Ontario based sustainable, emission-free delivery service.  We are focused on the safe, efficient and timely delivery of products in a manner that contributes to strong and vibrant local economies, thriving and liveable communities, and a healthy and sustainable natural environment. 

West End Food Co-op

The West End Food Co-op is a non-profit multi-stakeholder food co-op. The co-op is committed to bringing more healthy and culturally appropriate food to the West End, and creating a hub for food change. The Co-op responds to the needs of all stakeholders in the local food system, and seeks solutions to shared problems. Owner-member groups include farmers, consumers, workers, and community partners. Activities include a weekly farmers market, community cannery, community food programming and the development of community owned store.

Democratic Facilitation by Design workshops in Toronto Feb 4 & 25, 2011

Catalyst Centre presents:

Friday February 4 and Friday February 25 from 9:30- 4:30


West End Food Co-op to receive grant from the Robert Owen-Henri Lasserre Fund

February 10, 2010
The Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada (CDF) is pleased to announce that the West End Food Co-op of Toronto, ON has been selected as the first-ever recipient of funding from the Robert Owen-Henri Lasserre Fund.

Up to $30,000 will be awarded to the West End Food Co-op's Parkdale Processing Project. The West End Food Co-op's vision is for a thriving community food culture that has a positive impact and promotes a sustainable food system.

Entrepreneurship in Worker Co-ops: February Speakers' Panel

Dear CWCF members, CoopZone members and others,

I thought you might find this of interest.  You may attend this session either in-person in Toronto (suggestion is to arrive early so that you can get a seat), or via webcast – by clicking the link of the SE Centre’s web site.  There is no cost to participate.




Fourth Pig Worker Co-op Ltd.

The Fourth Pig fulfills contracts in sustainable building design, education and construction, natural building materials design and installation, and renewable energy installation. Fourth Pig provides consultation and training for clients in the green building and alternative energy sectors.

La Tierra

La Tierra Co-op, located in Gatineau (Québec) and Ottawa (Ontario), roasts and distributes gourmet coffees from our partner indigenous peasant cooperatives. We assist them in developing and growing their coops under a 100% fair trade model, only paying above fair trade for our coffee.




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