Success Stories

Worker Co-ops are actively involved in the economic and socio-economic fabric of their communities. This page gives a sampling of successful worker co-ops.



Yellowknife Glass Recyclers Co-op
North West Territories

Yellowknife Glass Recyclers converted to an employee- owned co-op in July 2006 to take advantage of growing popularity of high-quality recycled glassware and the opening of a glass distribution retail store. The full story of this worker co-op conversion is attached as a pdf.

Careforce Home Care Worker Co-operative Ltd
Nova Scotia

Careforce Home Care Worker Co-operative Ltd. was formed by the workers of Care Force Home Health Care Services Ltd. The story of this worker co-op conversion is in the attached pdf.

just us!
Nova Scotia

Coming in from the crisp, cold morning in Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley, the heat generated by the roasting machine is most welcomed. The smell of the coffee, as it makes its many thousands of rotations over the gas flame, is intoxicating. Down in the lower level of Just Us! Coffee Roasters Co-...

Co-op Taxi Line Ltd.
Prince Edward Island

At 7:30, on a cold December morning, you might find Neil Shaw at the car wash cleaning the salt and ice off his 1994 Ford. By noon, you can usually find him in the office reviewing the financial projections. In the evening, he might be meeting with city officials to discuss rezoning or cab...